Questions? Here you can find the frequently asked ones.

What is Winkal?
Winkal is the best way to share all the fun. You can publish your own creations, post something funny you found on the web (always mentioning the source), share and comment everything you find funny with the Winkal community and your social circles.
What is the Hot page?
The Hot page is a daily updated section with the funniest and most popular content posted by our community.
How do I get my posts to the Hot page?
It's our best kept secret. But here are some very useful tips: make sure it's original and funny, use a creative title, don't forget to share it with your friends first and get likes, likes and more likes.
Is Facebook the only sign up option?
Yes. For the moment, Facebook Login is the way to signup to Winkal.
Why can't I see who likes the posts?
We want to encourage people to like without worrying about that being public. Some folks prefer to stay anonymous and it's perfect. You can always leave a comment on the post and make your opinion public.